CGP Grey’s Great Voting Videos

If anyone is interested in the less radical side of government reform, I found this great series of YouTube videos by CGP Grey about voting issues, from how gerrymandering corrupts our country’s voting system to why our voting system is structurally designed to result in a two-party system, in which any vote outside the two parties is a “vote for the enemy.” He also presents solutions!


December 3rd: Unity March At Occupy Boston

On December 3rd Occupy Boston is planning on doing a big march, called the Unity March. The difference between this march and our other marches is that this time we will be splitting up and traveling around to different neighborhoods in Boston, interacting with people and showing them who we are. Then we will all meet at Copley to have a rally and possibly a march back to Dewey Square.

This is particularly significant because on December 1st, two days before the march, it will be decided whether or not the Occupiers will be allowed to remain at Dewey Square. This will either be a victory march or something bigger.

Although there are places we could move to, I think it is important that we keep Dewey Square. If not sleeping there overnight with tents, then returning to it for meetings. Today Philly and LA also rist eviction and the we will soon probably hear reports of arrests…

Occupy Wall Street Has Its Biggest March Yet!

From David Shankbone’s Flickr

WOW WOW WOW I wish I were there in NYC today and tonight. It seems amazing. They actually managed to stall the NYSE for 15 minutes. It seems like they’ve had a few clashes with the NYPD as well. I still need to read up on it. Boston also had a march today but I had to work.

Occupy Boston is also quickly trying to figure out what to do with itself. Apparently, we got a court order that prevents eviction temporarily (until December 1st) on the 16th, while Rose Kennedy Greenway, the company that owns Dewey Square apparently sent this letter to the police to evict us a week earlier. Why didn’t they? Are they still a threat? How do we, as a leaderless movement, go into mediation behind closed doors with city officials?

Moments like these really remind me that although these people, the city officials, the Rose Kennedy Greenway, the police, the media, can be nice, professional, and polite to you, they are really out for blood. It’s necessary to be in a dialogue with them but they are not our friends. They are corrupted by money and the status quo.

From Djinn Photography’s Flickr

Response to the Raid

As many of you are aware, Occupy Wall Street was raided early this morning, on the 59th day of its existence. Over 70 people were arrested. The pretense for the raid was basically the same false pretense of the first threatened raid: sanitation and fire hazards. A demeaning accusation, “Those dirty protesters are just going to hurt themselves without Father Bloomberg’s thugs to keep the house in order.”

The camp was trashed. The protesters were told that their property would be preserved and transported to a place where they could later pick it up. Footage from Democracy Now! shows that this was a lie. Heaps of tent debris and the remnants of a two-month old society lay indistinguishable and stepped over by sanitation workers. One sanitation worker proudly declares to Amy Goodman that they will be taking it to them dump, while his coworkers quickly hush him.

Mayor Jean Quan, the mayor of Oakland, today let slip that she and eighteen other cities are possibly coordinating shutdowns. Occupy Boston has faced police in the past and has had over 100 arrests. Recently, as well, police have entered the camp arrest people who are breaking the law. As far as I know, they are not met with resistance when they do this. Now we are rightfully worried that a raid will occur sometime before in the next few days. In the past, the police have given us notice and a lot of time to mobilize. This time, we’re afraid it might be different. I’m now ready to be woken up in the middle of the night to drive people in from Somerville to support the movement in case of a raid.

Thursday is going to be a big day of protest. Occupy Wall Street is allegedly attempting to shut down Wall Street for the day, while mass protests are occurring across the country, possibly the globe. I can’t personally be there during the day because I have work, but I’ll be there at night if anything is still going on!

Also, check out this article by Amy Goodman. It’s my favorite article about the raid so far and makes a good connection to A Brave New World.



Quan’s Legal Advisor Resigns

Dan Siegel, Oakland Mayoral Legal Advisor resigns along with Oakland’s Deputy Mayor, Sharon Cornu. While Cornu had not worked for Mayor Quan a full year and had planned this departure since last week, Siegel, a long-time supporter and advisor to Quan. His departure was in protest of how she has been handling the Occupy Oakland protests.



Occupy Oakland is Raided, Again

Today is November 14th. We’re nearing the second month of Occupy Wall Street, which started on September 17, 2011. Occupy Boston, on the other hand, is only around six or seven months old. Later tonight I will be attending the Students Occupy Boston meeting. SOB is a group used to coordinate student-lead initiatives at Occupy Boston.

But more importantly, this morning Occupy Oakland was raided again. Thirty-two people were arrested and they are apparently planning on reconvening at 4 pm PST, which will be in about 30 minutes from now. From the sound of this LA Times article, the protestors already have significant leverage over the mayor to enact some change. It seems like the main issues with Oakland, besides the police brutally attacking their encampment, is with the people of Oakland themselves.

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