Occupy Oakland is Raided, Again

Today is November 14th. We’re nearing the second month of Occupy Wall Street, which started on September 17, 2011. Occupy Boston, on the other hand, is only around six or seven months old. Later tonight I will be attending the Students Occupy Boston meeting. SOB is a group used to coordinate student-lead initiatives at Occupy Boston.

But more importantly, this morning Occupy Oakland was raided again. Thirty-two people were arrested and they are apparently planning on reconvening at 4 pm PST, which will be in about 30 minutes from now. From the sound of this LA Times article, the protestors already have significant leverage over the mayor to enact some change. It seems like the main issues with Oakland, besides the police brutally attacking their encampment, is with the people of Oakland themselves.

If the movement is to set up some sort of alternate society, we will need to figure out a way to deal with violence, which doesn’t necessarily involve the police. Last week, Kayode Ola Foster was shot dead by another man who frequented the Occupy campsite. Now many people are saying that ‘Hey, it’s Oakland! This stuff happens every day. It has nothing to do with Occupy Oakland.’ I agree with this sentiment. Even the people who go to Occupy Oakland and live there, or even just visit during the day, have lives in this dangerous area. You can’t expect drug use, gang violence, and theft to just end without confronting the problems directly and on a larger scale.

Now it seems like a lot of the Occupy Oakland crowd has moved from Frank Ogawa Plaza to Snow Park and other areas around the edges of downtown. Let’s hope the day doesn’t end how it began.


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