Occupy Wall Street Has Its Biggest March Yet!

From David Shankbone’s Flickr

WOW WOW WOW I wish I were there in NYC today and tonight. It seems amazing. They actually managed to stall the NYSE for 15 minutes. It seems like they’ve had a few clashes with the NYPD as well. I still need to read up on it. Boston also had a march today but I had to work.

Occupy Boston is also quickly trying to figure out what to do with itself. Apparently, we got a court order that prevents eviction temporarily (until December 1st) on the 16th, while Rose Kennedy Greenway, the company that owns Dewey Square apparently sent this letter to the police to evict us a week earlier. Why didn’t they? Are they still a threat? How do we, as a leaderless movement, go into mediation behind closed doors with city officials?

Moments like these really remind me that although these people, the city officials, the Rose Kennedy Greenway, the police, the media, can be nice, professional, and polite to you, they are really out for blood. It’s necessary to be in a dialogue with them but they are not our friends. They are corrupted by money and the status quo.

From Djinn Photography’s Flickr


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